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Heartlass develops trading desk services specialized and customized for executive functions of the Internet advertising and ad-technology.

Nowadays customer’s purchasing behaviors are getting diversifying and the media and advertisement styles are getting diversifying, too. This means, diversification in customers (target, message and vehicle) makes digital promotion designing, executing and analyzing more complicated.

Moreover, in the programmatic buying industry as our specialized domain, the concept of advertising transaction becomes more diversifying along with technological evolution, and now it is no wonder that executing precise operations with analyzing an enormous quantity of data becomes the common practice.

We are keeping up with the change of the market and systematizing the know-how for the diverse operations. As a professional company for advertising operation, we support your digital promotion activities.

Finally, We keep new challenges with gratitudes for our customers and associates. As always, we appreciate your continuing support for our activities.

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Heartlass, Inc.
Fumiari Mizokawa

Guideline for Action


1.Gratitude 2.Original intent 3.Humility

There is no success without gratitude. You should always keep your original intention in your mind when being successful.

4.Logic and Principal first

Do not kill the golden goose. Keep your endurance for long-term satisfaction.

5.Carrying out your word

Take responsibility for your own behavior. Your responsibility develops yourself.

6.Meaning of existence

Create your fans. There are a always support of fans behind all winners.

7.Positive thinking

Positive thinking will open new doors.

8.Sense of ownership

Share the vision, share the spirit, and share the sense of ownership. Culture should be created by associates and should always evolve by sharing opinions.

9.Challenge 10.Innovation

Providing valuable people in the Internet advertisement industry. It is important that the value connects to the business domain. Do not fear failure. Your growth will stop when you stop challenging.

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Company Info.

Corporate name
Heartlass, Inc.

Descriptions of business
  1. Overall operation of operational advertising on digital
  2. Website consulting focused on SEO, UX and CRO
  3. In-house support (sales, development, operation, curriculum support)
  4. Analysis support (offline x online integrated analysis / in-site analysis, CRM analysis)
  5. Publisher monetization support (sales, operation, analysis)
  6. Support and operation management of ad technology tools such as DMP / 3PAS / LPO

July 7. 2008 (November 2011 business opening)

Capital Amount
15,101,000 yen

Board members
(chief executive officer)
Fumiari Mizokawa
(Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer)  
Daisuke Takase
Director  Wataru Akiyama
Corporate officer  Jun Takahashi
Corporate officer  Noriko Takahashi
Corporate officer  Tomokazu Suga
Corporate officer  Kazuhiko Uematsu
AuditorTakako Murata

Tokyu bancho building 7F (Reception is 5F), 6 Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0081 Japan
TEL : 03-5745-3660 FAX : 03-5745-3901

Number of Employees
64(April 2019)

Memberships of organization
Japan Internet Advertising Association (JIAA)
Web Advertising Bureau


JR Chuo line/JR Sobu line/Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line/Tokyo Metro Namboku line/Toei Subway Shinjuku line
Ichigaya station (Exit 3; 3-minute walk)

Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line
Kojimachi station (Exit 6; 5-minute walk)