Board members

Daisuke Takase



Since 2008 he joined Opt inc, he has been in charge of wide range of PC/mobile ads, Ad network ,E-mail Ads, Tie-up Ads, as a media planner.

Handling a project management as a internal project leader for Ad network/DSP related, and promoting optimization for operating knowledge, leveraging internally every kind of results.

After experiences, various management and optimized advertisement fields, he was placed as president of Heartlass inc.

Masashi Kashiwamura


Board Director

After experiencing various kinds of industries and occupations, he joined SBI marketing Co., Ltd. in 2011 and was in charge of both new customer development and sales consulting.

Since he joined Heartlass, Inc. in 2013, he had been responsible for promotion proposal and implementation meeting client’s needs as trading desk.

In Feb. 2015, he was appointed to a director of Intelish, Inc, joint venture between Heartlass, Inc. and VOYAGE GROUP, Inc.

In Jul. 2017, he was appointed to a director of Heartlass, Inc. and has been in charge of whole sales division.

Noriko Takahashi


Executive Director

Noriko started s1o from the start of the company. She lead the team called communication design team, which was responsible for sales, marketing, and managing accounts. Over the years, she has won many attribution awards from DSPs and AD networks, She now has been promoted to be the executive director for the group in 2014.

In 2015 she is now responsible expanding international strategic team.