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Support digital shifts to drive customer business

Marketers aren’t about solving marketing challenges and ending.

Marketers have the power to grow their businesses, also called growth hackers.

We, Hartlas, have been operating technology, helping to build an organization, and introducing human resources in the digital marketing field.

Leveraging that power to become a partner of all businesses Drive growth with a digital shift.

In-house support

In-house support In-house support

Completely in-house production is a pitfall of in-house. There are areas for in-house production and accumulation of know-how in the company, and areas for outsourcing to concentrate on other areas. Our in-house support begins with a consultation on what to do in-house.

Marketing personnel support

Marketing personnel support Marketing personnel support

Hartlas offers a human resource support service called “Huddle UP!”. Introducing professional human resources with various employment forms tailored to companies and human resources, with a focus on regular employees. We can identify customer needs and human resource skills only because we are a digital marketing company, not a human resources company. That is the strength of Huddle UP !.

Marketing support


    Professional implementation of digital advertising planning, detailed account management, analysis, and review.


    Support to increase the number of the inflow of organic search and the number of CVs.
    Website consulting focused on SEO, UX and CRO

  • FigA

    Provide analysis consulting services for whole advertising activities (Digital / Non-digital).

  • Site Analysis

    We support the initial introduction, redesign, implementation, and analysis report creation of Google Analytics.